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What else is there to do now, but play?

*on HIATUS until I finish something important
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related to my novel but not directly
if anyone of my followers wants to know how quantum physics works in a really watered down jumbly sort of way then hmu xD

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winxhelina replied to your post: I’ve been thinking about this a while …

Sure. Tumblr is here for fun. It’s not an obligation.

Helina…! :’D

You’re right. It’s really morphed in my head, like a job I have to get to everyday to keep my followers ;;;

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I’ve been thinking about this a while but would it be okay if I went on hiatus for a bit? I kinda rushed and put the sign on yesterday but maybe it’s not necessary. My personal blog really distracts me and my attention is needed elsewhere and I’ve run out of my friends’ advice on how to get writing again ^^;

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Handbound Moonlight Densetsu journal, with watercolors and real crystal chain bookmark.

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"Isn’t ‘defeat’ more like a trial you need to overcome? Of whether or not you can stand up and walk again, after falling to your knees?"

I needed an outlet after that last episode ;; Full size is best!

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There’s no one else that can help me

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The black cat is a stray that was pretty feral and mean until we had him neutered… Now he makes a Yin and Yang with our other cat regularly

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