Everything will be mine.


lET’S GO CLOWNS *dislocates neck*

There’s only one way to do this, and it works without fail if I do it right. And when I’m not doing it right, I’ll know because it won’t be working. Doing it right is the hard part. Where is my self control? 

Baby: m- ma...
Toudou: Mama? :)
Baby: Manami Sangaku
Toudou: ......
Toudou: Maki-chan we have to get rid of the baby.

Feeling really good and then feeling really bad back and forth so fast really has to stop.

uaa-merchant inquired: Not that one, you weirdo. The three letter word that starts with the second letter of the alphabet.

you mean this one?

clowntypeidol inquired: kisses cheek and gives a fruit salad

Honey honey, how you thrill me, ah-hah, honey honey :*

uaa-merchant inquired: If you keep saying that word, you're going to summon a 13 year old white girl.

Which one, ‘gay’? Is this like Beetlejuice, but much scarier?

uaa-merchant inquired: Says the person with "gay" in their URL.

oh no you got me there ):