snoop dogg enjoys a nice refreshing popsicle on a hot summer day

why this always happen

…are you serious..

I sent a reply to you on fb

It’s not mad or anything

I want to avoid arguing with you forever if possible

I’m really tired

Anonymous asked: stop being so fucking mean to skye all the time.


this is exactly what i was talking about

stop bothering her or i’ll bite your fucking head off and throw the rest of you to the dogs

she’s not fucking mean

she’s the voice of reason when I lose all of mine

stay out of her fucking inbox


SSSSSSSSure okayy baibai

this is exactly why I’m so pissed off because I can’t express anything without you assuming you’re the bad guy in the equation

and god forbid I feel miserable to the brink of explosion, I have to have you against me for some reason

that makes me upset the most


Countless times before i have been labelled the bad guy and we weren’t even arguing so this is my point

people will still see me as the bad guy because wooooo You’re crying and bsing again

this isn’t even about you, giulia

you’re like 9% of it

and for fucking fucks sakes, you’re as much of a ‘bad guy’ as I am

and I’m not bsing, I’m just so sick of everything, and why can’t you let me cry if I really need to cry

My name is Skye.